The sustainable development Goal #7 aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services for all by 2030. In Africa, 900 million still lack access to clean cooking solutions and about 600 million do not have access to reliable electricity – a colossal challenge that needs to be addressed in less than 10 years if SDG-7 is to be achieved.  At EED, we are committed to contributing towards this goal....

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Over 2 billion people globally live in countries  that face high water stress and  about 40% (800 million) of this number live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Within the same region, only 44% of the urban population and 24% of the rural population have proper and adequate sanitation. The growing physical water scarcity is further exacerbated by declining water resources, pollution of water sources, rapid urbanization, increasing ...

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Climate Change

The concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide exceeded the 414 parts per million in 2019. Without drastic, concerted and urgent action, it is likely that the earth will experience a temperature rise of up to 1.5°C relative to pre-industrial averages by 2100. These numbers mean little to nothing among pastoralists, fisherfolk and small-scale farmer groups who are already experiencing rapid societal and livelihood changes...

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EED Advisory is a multidisciplinary Pan-African consulting firm offering technical, analytical and advisory services in energy, water and climate change. We work with our clients to effectively address challenges and build opportunities across these three business lines. Our main service offerings include: research and data analytics, projects and program design, policy and strategy, and fund management.

We're a member of:

Marketing and Social Research Association

The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)

Kenya Renewable Energy Association (KEREA)

Association of Energy Professionals of East Africa (AEPEA)

Kenya Water Industries Association (KWIA)

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