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The concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide exceeded the 414 parts per million in 2019. Without drastic, concerted and urgent action, it is likely that the earth will experience a temperature rise of up to 1.5°C relative to pre-industrial averages by 2100. These numbers mean little to nothing among pastoralists, fisherfolk and small-scale farmer groups who are already experiencing rapid societal and livelihood changes driven by climate variability as well as other confounding factors. We support our clients to avert, prepare for as well as adapt to the impending threats of climate change through utilizing various support actions. We offer advice on climate finance mechanisms, least-cost options for GHG abatement and GHG accounting. We also offer training on GHG abatement cost curves, climate change strategy development, carbon footprint analysis, grid emissions factors, accessing global climate funds (Climate Investment Funds, Green Climate Fund and the Global Environment Facility), among others.

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